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Tridat Technologies believes that education is one of the building blocks of any nation and as a corporate social responsibility, we believe in contributing to the underprivileged, by supporting and providing educational initiatives.

At a personal level, the Directors of the company have taken the initiative to help the society in the field of education. Praveen works with students on the education front, and also helps them at a personal level. He helps students to reach their goals by helping them sketch a growth chart and giving them a vision. On the other hand, Ebrahim is a Trustee in a Higher Education Trust that works to support students financially, as well as, council students about their career.

Tridat Technologies aims to nurture young minds and educate them by taking a number of initiatives in the coming future. The company currently contributes about 5% of its profits towards CSR. Amongst other initiatives, Tridat also supports needy senior citizens with their basic necessities.
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