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Our People

Tridat Technologies constantly seeks talented individuals and highly experienced professionals who bring in vast knowledge and domain expertise encompassing most industries. In the company, we consider employees as our biggest assets and try to endeavour and nurture intellectual capital, and maintain and upgrade their competencies.

We strive to make our employee's job experience pleasurable by encouraging innovative ideas and rewarding creativity. We also strive to promote employee empowerment by renewing our corporate culture.

Our constant effort to contribute to employee satisfaction has led to increased productivity, improved morale and overall, made our organisation more effective and competitive.
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From conception to delivery, Ashif fathers the projects with his 'no-tolerance-for-rubbish' approach.
With a stern smile, this tech guru can solve big issues with small coding.
His stylisation and creative brushes bring illustrations on paper alive on screen.
Our specialist in development and churning out those engines... He's really down to earth and never says No!
Funny but yet serious at work, Pankaj can process complex algorithms with ease.
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Beware of Isha's magnifying lens, as she scrolls through the course and spots bugs in every nook and corner. Her eyes don't miss any details!
Don’t be mistaken by her radiant smile and petite frame, this project manager can make you shiver timbers if you don’t meet the deadlines.
A wizard with words and with an upfront, no nonsense attitude, Kellie loves innovating and moulding words to add that extra zing to the content.
Tough outside but soft by heart, this graphic team leader is always there to support his team.
With her polished words and creative thoughts, Khushnum manages to bring the esssence to any content. Writting is not only her profession but passion.
With a smile on her face and her loud voice, Aasiya fishes out the best talent from the pool of resources.
High drawing skills combined with intricate details, Prakash’s work manages to capture the human eye.