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Case Studies

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Learning Solutions | Game-Based Learning
Aditya Birla Group–Brick It On

Originally developed as a card-based game to be used during instructor-led training, ‘Brick It On’ was transformed into an online Tetris-like game by the ingenious minds at Tridat. The game is designed to test the learner’s knowledge of the core values followed by Aditya Birla.
Learning Solutions | Flipbook for Corporate or School Education
Glenmark Flipbook

A highly interactive flipbook with custom features was created for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals as a replacement to traditional e-books. It includes features such as full text search, customisable zoom level, dynamic note saving ability, snap shot capturing, bookmarking and highlighting of content.
Learning Solutions | Product for Children to Learn the Arabic Alphabet Set
Huruf–Learning the Arabic Alphabets is Fun!

A CD-based, highly interactive product developed to teach the Arabic alphabet and phonetics to children aged between three to seven, Huruf features a child-friendly visual and instructional design.
Learning Solutions | School Education
K12–Custom Development

Taking pedagogy to a different level, we deliver education-based content in a highly engaging manner, combining a logical, linear flow of instructions with highly polished audio-visuals in an easy-to-understand language for students
Learning Solutions| Simulations
Aditya Birla Group–FinPedia

A series of four games that evaluate learners on basic concepts of finance, FinPedia is designed for managers with no formal training in finance.
Learning Solutions | Serious Gaming
Aditya Birla Group–Immortal Adventure

Delivering short doses of learning that are subtly woven around an engaging game this solution was designed to educate the middle management of Aditya Birla Group on the delicate subject of delivering constructive feedback during mid-term reviews.
Learning Solutions | eLearning for Corporate
TATA Motors–eInduction

Developed as a sidekick to the instructor-led induction training at TATA Motors, this online module helped reduce the on-boarding time, creating a direct positive impact on the company’s ROI.
Learning Solutions | Process Training
Asian Paints–Enterprise Application Training

A thriving example of Tridat’s robust enterprise application training engine, this product was developed using Tridat’s proprietary “Show, Tell, Try” methodology of instructional design.
Learning Solutions | Blended Learning Solutions
Kellogg’s–Aid to Learning

A solution that functions as a catalyst for their instructor-led training on safety systems and processes, the main purpose of this module was to make the instructor-led training consistent across the board, regardless of the instructor’s expertise with the subject.
Learning Solutions | Custom eLearning for Corporate
Vivanta by Taj - Scenario Based Solution

Designed to instil the Vivanta brand philosophy among its employees, this interactive scenario-based course was developed for the Vivanta employees that instilled the Vivanta brand philosophy. The objective of the course was to introduce and re-impose these behaviours such that employees imbibe them and bring alive the spirit of Vivanta.
Learning Solutions | Custom eLearning for Corporate
HDFC Bank–Lean Sigma Problem Solving Methodology

Arising out of HDFC Bank’s need to train its employees on the importance of service quality, the Lean Sigma Problem Solving Methodology module delivers a highly specialised subject matter with the ease of an instructor-led training.
Mobile Apps | Mobile Apps Development for Learning
Samsung Electronics

As one of the first contracted companies to develop apps for Samsung’s new Bada OS, the Tridat development team came up with several apps that showcased the capabilities of the new SDK, while giving a good measure of its own versatility in designing platform independent solutions.
Learning Solutions | eMBA Program
Larsen & Toubro–eMBA–Online Courseware

Conceptualised by L&T as a 15-hour course compromising of several subjects, Tridat transformed the eMBA program into an online module for an internal audience of 40,000 employees.