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Are you looking at building apps to make your workforce learn while they are on the move? Mobile Learning is the solution! Tridat designs to provide or rather cater to the requirements of your employees through their cell phones, tablets and other devices. The entire idea of mobile learning is to provide content on the go.
Many organisations are adopting mobile devices as their preferred source of information or training delivery especially for employees who are mostly on customer sites or travel extensively. We have successfully implemented mobile learning solutions for both, iOS and Android platforms.
We don't believe in providing e-learning on a mobile device but propose mobile learning to be an integral part of blended learning. Right from quick animations, to videos, podcasts, assessments and much more, our team has the expertise to couple creativity and technology to produce the best possible mobile learning courses in the market. We propose to deliver consumer and enterprise-level apps for corporates, which provide an end-to-end mobile experience.
So, what are you waiting for? Drop us an e-mail or call our Solutions Advisor now!