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Rapid Authoring

E-Learning is the primary solution to your training needs but there can be times when you need something out there really quick and cost-effective. So then what is your secondary option? The answer is Rapid Authoring! At Tridat, we have worked with multiple clients to deliver rapid e-learning solutions for their organisations generating effective results.
Trainers have found this greatly beneficial as they can grab the e-learning agenda and incorporate changes, however small or large they may be, within no time. Not only are they light on your pockets, but they also help in improving the knowledge retention for the
learners. Using rapid e-learning or authoring tools can help in a multitude of ways, such as offering customisation of content in a negligible time, reducing development efforts for the designers and much more. We use rapid authoring tools such as Lectora to create online training courses, assessments and presentations. We also use them to convert PPTs into e-Learning content.
Our team works using rapid authoring tools and customising them in the forms of templates and development processes to get the best training solutions. Since innovation is one of our core values, we are also in the progress of exploring quick authoring methodologies for mobile learning solutions.
So write us an e-mail or just give us a call to get a cost-effective and rapid e-learning solution for your company or organisation!