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Scenario-Based Learning

Have you faced difficulty in solving problems at work or at school or simply in life? We, at Tridat, replicate real-life situations and make you understand them, judge them and then find a solution or a way out. We believe that it is always better to give a little bit of real-life feeling to the learners before they go out and try and solve all those problems.
So Tridat started creating scenario-based or case-based courses and looked at things from multiple perspectives.
Scenario-based learning, popularly known as SBL, is an instructional environment in which learners have to solve organised, real-life based tasks or issues. SBL
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creates a 'moment of need' for learners to recall and apply their knowledge and skills.
Some of the cases where you should consider using SBL are if:
The skills that the learners need to build are based on judgement and problem solving.
Learners have some relevant job experience.
Learners will find the scenarios relevant and motivational.
Time and again, all these courses have been a hit. Do you want to have a sneak peek into these courses? Drop in an e-mail or call us now!