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Client Case Study

US Retail Giant
The Client is an office supplies retailer founded in 1900s and headquartered in Illinois. In terms of sales, it is in the top five supply retailers in USA. The Client is a leader in both business-to-business office products solutions and retail office products.
Tridat follows a Hybrid Model to deliver the best solutions and services to the client.
Below is a snapshot of services provided:
Handling Client Customer Uniques subsystem for Developments and Enhancements
Efficient involvement in client EC Billing subsystems
Providing a continuous production support to Customer Uniques subsystem
Delivering just-in-time solutions of any issue by on-call service
Contributing in the Quality Assurance Testing for Customer Uniques subsystem
Over the last two years, Tridat has successfully delivered all projects on time without any defects.
Has increased the system stability by providing permanent solutions by 60%.
Has improved in the Client Collection Unit efficiency of pending payment by delivering on time solutions by 50%.
Timely delivery of the Quality Assurance Testing.