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Application Maintenance

Tridat takes application maintenance and support services seriously to build enduring relationships with clients. Modern business enterprises and corporate clients have many applications and software products in use at all times. Hence, it becomes essential for the internal IT department to respond with a wide range of technical skills and a spectrum of support service issues.
During these times, you can count on Tridat to provide you the bandwidth with the required level of support and let your IT team work on other high priority projects.
Tridat delivers:
Product maintenance and support services
Core/Base Product Maintenance & Enhancements
Product Customisation & Implementation support
Performance Enhancements
Discussion Forums
Weblogs (blogs)
Social bookmarking
Desktop and Web application maintenance and support services
Features/Functionality Enhancements
Bug Fixes
Application maintenance
Performance Enhancements
Legacy Application Maintenance and support services
Legacy Technology/Application knowledge sharing
Bug Fixes
Production Support
Tridat offers unmatched cost reduction possibilities (offshore advantage) from its India-based delivery centre, as well as, a high quality disciplined approach to a wide variety of support and maintenance for standalone or integrated applications and legacy systems.
We offer professional services that enable our clients to outsource support and maintenance initiatives at highly cost-effective rates. Our maintenance capabilities enable us to support applications based on a wide variety of platforms and technologies, including Web and client or server applications.