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Technology Staffing

Extended Development Centre

Tridat has the capability to assist clients in setting up an Extended Development Centre (EDC) by providing the resources and infrastructure to their team. Our EDC forms a further key function in technology staffing by providing flexible and effective onshore/offshore service approach.
By dedicating the resources to extended product and custom application development, we are able to offer our clients optimal flexibility and total product control. An EDC engages in application development, testing and validation services, enhancements for client products, maintenance and support activities and much more, as per client requirements.
Tridat allocates an experienced EDC team to work purely on your system and application requirements and also, your business goals and capabilities. We also provide you with a Project Manager who is your single point of contact for interactions and who also ensures you are abreast with the latest product developments.
The scope of work at the EDC will encompass one or more of the following:
Core Development
Performance Tuning
Adding New Features
Maintenance and Support
Testing and Bug Fixing